Elfun Northern California ‘Administration’:


Elfun Board Officers & Leaders:


  • President:                  Yogi Dayal
  • Vice-President:          Jim Leonard
  • Treasurer:                  Vacant
  • Secretary:                   Judy Scally
  • Membership:            Vacant
  • Webmaster 1:           Matt Polomik
  • Webmaster 2:           Willard Roit


Other Board members/volunteer leads:

  • John Armenta
  • Terry Chapman
  • Earl Nichols
  • Tom Ruffo
  • Gretchen Zane



Elfun Taxes and Liability Insurance:

  • Our chapter filed our 2021 IRS and FTB tax returns.  Although we do not owe any taxes, as a 501(c)7, we are required to submit tax returns.
  • We have 2 liability insurance policies, protecting the organization and the Board


Elfun Dues: annual dues are $15:

Dues are used to:

  • Partially subsidize our activities and our volunteer programs.
  • Pay for operating expenses:
    • Our 2 annual liability insurance policies totaling ~$2,000)
    • Printing and postage for the dues notices (~$1,200)
    • Any legal consultation fees
    • Software and hardware needed by our Treasurer
    • A Zoom license

Dues notices: The Elfun 2021 dues notice was mailed (USPS) to the members on January 25. On May 10, a ‘dues reminder notice’ was sent to Elfuns who had not yet paid their dues.

Note: Elfuns who have not paid dues are moved to ‘inactive’ status. After two years in succession of not paying dues, Elfuns are ‘dropped’ from the membership.

Thank you to everyone who has paid dues.  We greatly appreciate your participation in Elfun


Monthly Board Meetings:

  • Monthly Board meetings: Board meetings are held monthly. Please forward your ideas for activities, community outreach to any Board member, especially if you are willing to lead and/or help organize such activities.
  • To Communicate via email with the Elfun Board: (Needs to be re-written by Fred)

A new email address has been established for communication with our Elfun Society Board: Elfun.Society.NorCal@gmail.com

If our emails go to your spam filter, contact ______________________ and they will help you.

Please use care and do not unsubscribe from our emails. If you do unsubscribe, that account is blocked from ever adding you back in and you must subscribe from your end. I will address this problem in another email.