Additional Resources:

  1. Links to prior-year annual summaries (2018, 2019, 2020)
  2. Links to other US Elfun websites
  3. Link to ‘Incorporation Documents’
  4. Link to Elfun Application Form and instructions
  5. Link to Roger Baird’s ’In Memoriam’ (List of Elfuns deceased since 2016)
  6. Elfun ‘Survivor’s Guide’
  7. Communications from GE Hitachi Nuclear
  8. GE History Story
  9. Museum of Innovation and Science


1.  Prior year annual summaries:

Below are the minutes from 3 General Meetings (click for pdf):

2.  Links to other Elfun websites in the US:  


3.  Links to Elfun California North  ‘Incorporation Documents’:

Elfun California North is a mutual benefit nonprofit organization, incorporated in the state of California. We incorporated on 11-18-2014.The chapter’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for the corporation are available at the following links.


4.  Link to Elfun Application Form:



5.  Link to ‘In Memoriam’:

A list of Elfuns who have deceased between late-2016 to present can be reached at:

Nuclear Pioneers Corner – Elfun Society California North (


6.  Link to Elfun ’Survivor’s Guide’:

Elfun-Survivors-Guide.pdf (

The Elfun Survivor’s Guide includes a document planning checklist as well as a survivor checklist which support the development, preparation, and retention of key documents which may be helpful for long term and end of life planning.  Although these checklists were printed in 1996,  they still provide useful information for Elfuns, their family members, and estate executor.  These guides are provided only as a supplement to individual family planning.

Supplemental note to ‘Elfun Survivor’s Guide’:

GE Benefits does not offer a ‘checklist’.  When contacted relative to a death,  they send out a Beneficiary package which is personalized for the family typically within two weeks of contact. The  GE Care manager, talks with the family/beneficiary and counsels them regarding bank statements, Social Security etc.

For contacting the GE Benefits, it is helpful to know the social security number, or SSO number and pin number of the pensioner.  If not known, press Operator, and you can be directed to GE Benefits when phoning.  Also, be mindful the last pension check is for the month in which the retiree deceased.  Any inadvertent payments after that month will be reclaimed by GE.